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Director, Talent Development, Cochlear

“I am now a more trusted advisor than I was before. Those that I work with in the organization recognize that when they come to me with a problem, they’re not just coming to me, they’re coming to a team of resources. They know I am going to go deep into the network, and brainstorm with other Forum members who have faced similar challenges.”
Member Impact Stories
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Results Delivered: Immersive Virtual Reality Experiences

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Drive Impact: Connections Count

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Connecting, Collaborating, and Sharing at the ATD Forum Fall Lab

How do talent development leaders keep up with ever-changing business environments in ways that support evolving employee performance needs? Find out.

Unlock A Network of Talent Development Leaders
This is a one of a kind fee-based organizational membership that connects you to a vast network of resources for you and your organization.
What Is the ATD Forum?
The ATD Forum is a consortium for senior training and learning practitioners and their organizations to connect and collaborate in a vendor-free, confidential environment. Member organizations share evidence-based and proven ideas to rapidly improve organizational capability in an experiential environment. There is an approval process to join and its members include many notable Fortune 500 companies.