ATD Forum Toolkit: Reflection
Reflecting to Enhance Learning

What is Reflection and How Can You Use it?

This toolkit’s purpose is to give you a personal set of resources that you can use in reflection—to assist you in thinking more deeply about the information you encounter daily and to improve how you learn. It provides a variety of reflection tools in formats that are quick and easy to use. As a resource, we have provided a matrix with suggestions for when to use each tool, and we have grouped the list of tools and techniques into three categories:

• Personal or individual reflection
• Group reflections, such as project debriefs
• Reflection that will work in either individual or group situations

What is ATD Forum?

The ATD Forum is a consortium for senior training and learning practitioners and their organizations to connect and collaborate in a vendor-free, confidential environment. Member organizations share evidence-based and proven ideas to rapidly improve organizational capability. There is an approval process to join and its members include many notable Fortune 500 companies.