ATD Forum 2023 Fall Lab
Skills Agility: Designing for Organization Capability | October 17-19 | Houston, TX


Skills Agility: Designing for Organization Capability

Have you read a job posting recently and been shocked at the long list of requirements ranging from proficiency in a related functional or professional discipline to knowledge of specific technologies and people skills? Do you find yourself confused by the constant references to upskilling, reskilling, future skilling, and skill adjacency as you read L&D blogs, articles, and posts?

According to a recent report by Deloitte, the number of skills needed for a single job has increased by 10 percent year over year. Because of this escalation, organizations are shifting from hiring and training people for a specific job to hiring and training for fluid skills that can be applied to various jobs. As a professional responsible for developing your employees, you must understand where this transformation leads and what it means for your team.

Join us at the ATD Forum 2023 Fall Lab hosted at WM’s home office in Houston, Texas, October 17–19, 2023. You’ll experience cutting-edge practices for developing skills needed for a holistic learning ecosystem, immerse yourself in another member’s culture, and learn formally and informally from several innovative peers.

By attending this exclusive event, you will:

  • Enhance your understanding of what it means to be a skills-based organization through demonstrations, discussions, small group activities, and Q&As.
  • Discover best practices and lessons learned in transitioning from a job-focused organization to a flexible skills system.
  • Explore trends that simultaneously enable organizations to excel and employees to develop agilely.
  • Network with senior talent development leaders.
  • See firsthand how an organization’s physical facilities embody its purpose and vision.

This program is eligible for 12.0 professional development hours or recertification points from the ATD Certification Institute (ATD CI) for the APTD or CPTD credential.

The ATD Forum Labs are for talent development leaders demonstrating innovative practices in their respective learning functions. To learn more about joining ATD Forum, click here to speak with a member of our Enterprise Solutions team.

What Is the ATD Forum?
The ATD Forum is a consortium for senior training and learning practitioners and their organizations to connect and collaborate in a vendor-free, confidential environment. Member organizations share evidence-based and proven ideas to rapidly improve organizational capability in an experiential environment. There is an approval process to join and its members include many notable Fortune 500 companies.