ATD Forum 2024 Spring Lab
Learning About Learning – An Adventure of Discovery | February 27, February 29, March 6, March 13 | Virtual


Learning About Learning - An Adventure of Discovery

One critical skill for becoming future ready in a world of constant disruptions and changes is learning how to learn. As talent professionals, we create cultures and experiences to enable our employees to learn—usually with an extensive focus on content, not the process of learning. Stated another way, we are stocking the pond but not necessarily teaching our employees to fish. And what about ourselves? We know a lot about learning, but are we using the tools and techniques we teach?

Over the last year, the Forum has highlighted various aspects of self-directed learning and metacognition. By initiating a virtual spring lab, we are creating an environment for participants to practice the skills needed to become champion self-directed learners.

This virtual lab is an opportunity for Forum members to individually focus on a learning project, either professional or personal. With a structured framework, peer feedback, and facilitator support, participants can use this lab to learn more about how they learn. Members can then use the lessons learned and techniques gained to advance personal daily learning and support employees in their learning.

During this lab, Forum members will:

  • Jump-start a personal learning project of their choice using a structured process.
  • Learn and use tools and techniques for advancing myriad skills related to learning.
  • Receive feedback and ideas from peers related to their learning journey.
  • Have access to curated resources related to learning.

Like all Forum labs, each member company will have two complimentary passes for the 2024 Spring Lab. After the lab, all materials and recordings will be posted on the website for any member to access. Registrants are expected to block their calendars and attend all four sessions, build in time for their personal learning project, and, if possible, participate in the optional roundtables.

The ATD Forum Labs are for talent development leaders demonstrating innovative practices in their respective learning functions. To learn more about joining ATD Forum, click here to speak with a member of our Enterprise Solutions team.

What Is the ATD Forum?
The ATD Forum is a consortium for talent development leaders and their organizations to connect and collaborate in a vendor-free, confidential environment. Member organizations share evidence-based and proven ideas to rapidly improve organizational capability in an experiential environment. There is an approval process to join and its members include many notable Fortune 500 companies.