ATD Forum Making a Performance Impact ebook

Leveraging Self-Directed Learning

This Making a Performance Impact e-book is the result of an ATD Forum hackathon that included perspectives from thought leaders on how to build a personal learning system and the resources, tools, and processes they use. One goal of the publication is to integrate the ideas into a process for moving from knowing about self-directed learning (SDL) to being a champion at engaging in the learning journey effectively. The other goal is to provide an opportunity for L&D professionals to experience SDL and from that perspective, get better at creating an environment where SDL thrives and makes a visible impact on business objectives and employees’ well-being and performance.

In this guide you will:

  • Learn the Frayer Model For Operational Definition
  • Use science to advance learning
  • Chart a self-directed learning journey
  • Assess your future readiness
  • Develop your self-directed learning roadmap
  • Bonus 1* Included is a job aid that will walk you and your team through a visual organizer used to facilitate learning new ideas, concepts, or words.
  • Bonus 2* Also included is a second job aid that will teach you the Lotus Diagram, another visual organizer used to organize and prioritize concepts.
  • Bonus 3* A third job aid is about the Capacity Matrix, which will help you and your team break down topic areas into steps for achieving a specific result.

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